There’s someone in my head but it’s not me shirt

There’s someone in my head but it’s not me shirt



It’s a certain way where I live, so it must be that way everywhere!”, declared the embarrassingly ignorant woman. The crowd groaned in aggravation as they typed their answers, explaining to her that things are not actually the same everywhere and that her personal experience is not reflective of everyone’s experience across the There’s someone in my head but it’s not me shirt. She continued to display her ignorance, claiming to have read the article which she clearly hadn’t read. Were that the case, she would’ve known that, in fact, North Carolina did not yet have a voter ID law in place, and that the person in question was the only person to be asked to provide ID before being allowed to vote. She would furiously respond to more comments, insisting that she was right, and it was everyone else who was wrong, even though the facts to the contrary were plain for everyone to see. The crowd again groaned in frustration. Nichelle Young, only people who are registering to vote on the day should have to present ID. If you registered in advance, you’ve already identified yourself before the voting. It is just a way to suppress voters. Nichelle Young Here in New York, you have to sign the poll book, which already contains your signature from registering. The poll workers then compare the signatures to confirm your identity. If there is any question, you can be asked for your voter registration card which, again, has your signature. Nichelle Young – you are asking the question the wrong way around. How could someone successfully impersonate enough other people to change the outcome of a non-trivial election? Attempting to impersonate another voter is a felony offense with mandatory prison time and stiff fines. Why would someone risk that when they don’t even know how the person they are impersonating would have voted in the first place?


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