There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt



Leigh Gabel If you look at the actual costs of a trial and all the appeals, it is cheaper to keep them in prison. We, the taxpayers, pay for all those lawyers, judges, witnesses, security and everything else for each appeal, all the way to the Supreme Court. Do you really think it’s cheaper to kill them than to lock them up and feed them bad food 3 times a day? I’m agnostic and yet I’ve long been opposed for moral reasons. Capital punishment is “forever”, and it feels wrong to administer it. It doesn’t undo the crime they committed, and revenge seems like the biggest reason for it where it should be to keep society safe. Not to mention a large number of innocent people we’ve executed and those innocent for other crimes and 1600 + people on death row have been exonerated meaning 1600+ killers are roaming free…Our legal system was never based on guilt vs. innocence or to keep us safe. It’s an extension of the slave There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shirt given crime is the only exception to outlawing slavery…It’s about profit and job security, that’s all. Sami Koskinen That’s a complex question but at the very least their physical freedom can be restored if they are found innocent after all, the death penalty has no going back. Look at the case of central park 5. These kids, men now, their freedoms were restored, they probably are pretty fucked up, but at least they are here if our dear leader would have had his way, the 5 of them would be GONE. With no restitution possible. Death row is astronomically expensive. And btw, a lot of prisons do have the prisoners work for next to nothing, which sounds good at first until you remember that people of color make up a disproportionate percentage of the prison population and borderline slavery for even the smallest infraction is kind of messed up.


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