The Wild Bunch squad shirt

The Wild Bunch squad shirt



They do it through your phone, computers, and tv, too. Why aren’t you suing everyone involved there? You clowns are so behind the times, it’s unreal. Like I’ve said here before, start listening to Alex Jones, David Ickes, the late Phil Schneider, etc., and start acting on it! Seems the only time you sue is when conservatives, or Christians, do anything, and never sue Dems/liberals when they do something. Why is this? I bet if this were done during the Obama administration you’d be against it though. Btw it isn’t the police doing it it’s the federal government, don’t you conservatives hate big federal government? I bet because we are under martial law already. Especially when we have the national guard deployed in The Wild Bunch squad shirt of many states. Good luck being a third-party intervenor in the next federal emergency order. Thank you for all you do! Stay vigilant. I’ve already seen 3 things today that look like red flags. McConnell and federal judges, AOC and discovering children being moved into New York during the pandemic, and DOJ looking to drop charges on firms Mueller charged. If any of that has even a shred of truth, it needs attention immediately. Florida is on the verge of shutting down, our Republican governor at 5 pm today shut down public schools until April 15th and will reveal by Friday this week if schools will reopen this academic year. All restaurants and bars are to close at 5 pm every day, and cannot have more than 50% capacity. All fast food places are drive-thru or delivery only. Our highways and roadways are practically desolate, and for the first time in more years than I have fingers, we saw gas prices below $2 a gallon. Yes, do go on about those anti-police and pro-criminal mayors though, I’m sure our trump clone Gov. DeSantis would just love to hear your theories


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