The virus the cure Vote shirt

The virus the cure Vote shirt



Susan Sansalone this is such a true statement, have you ever noticed how the police will not pull over higher-end vehicles and SUVs driving excessively fast in cities or on highways and blow through traffic lights, even when officers are present but they are never pulled over. If they were breaking the law, then that is on them. In my family, it was common sense that, if you don’t want to go to jail, you didn’t break the law. It was even part of our public education. It’s not a difficult concept sweet cheeks. Sounds great. Have you ever broken the law by smoking a joint, DUI? thrown eggs at your friend’s garage, slightly cheated on your taxes, urinated in public, sped well past the speed limit, thrown an empty out your car window/ had open containers in your car, snuck in without paying, drank underage, underage sex or, better yet, sex with a girl, not 16 yrs old, etc. A check slot of us have made some bad, not necessarily evil choices…and never been caught…but, nevertheless, have violated the law(s). The real question is how or why they didn’t get caught or punished and, yet, turned out to be solid contributing citizens…without a criminal record. Another question worth examining is the one relating to why some economic crime offenders spend no time in prison and, yet, cost millions/billions of losses to the economy/homeowners ( leaders of the major banks involved in the housing fiasco). Life may as well go back to normal except for Europe and America. In my country, people aren’t even practicing social distancing but the death toll is 4 people and a very high recovery number we not even seeing an increase in deaths throughout the country since the first case about 2months ago. Our lockdown is soon coming to an end and schools opening in a week. Fear of the virus is killing people in America and Europe here in Africa people are more relaxed and taking it easy as deadly as it is. Fear weakens the immune The virus the cure Vote shirt.


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