The ten pin can kiss my Donkey Bowling shirt

The ten pin can kiss my Donkey Bowling shirt



The right thing is upholding the Constitution and ensuring the government follows the law, which the Trump administration is loathed to do. Your problem is you spout your opinion in public, then get upset when someone calls it out for the xenophobic nonsense that it is. What’s worse is it clearly frustrates you that you can’t actually defend it – your ability to do so has been stolen from you by right-wing sources that incite your anger and confuse you. What evidence do you have? I mean killers do not leave you by the side of the road hoping that you are dead, after torturing you with the intent to kill you. they are not Dr evil. Your client’s story is bullcrap. No evidence. They tend to represent people from outside the country as of late because we have a bunch of white nationalists running the country, who are persecuting people here for reasons that are legal. What would you prefer they do, exactly? Ah well, if one allows religious The ten pin can kiss my Donkey Bowling shirt and charter schools to flourish at the taxpayer’s expense, one has to expect those entities to behave as though entitlement at every level of their belief structure is allowed. Yes, this is true. But Republicans utilizing the courts as a racketeering tool to funnel money towards the automotive corporation corporate Republican CEOs, which they are not entitled to be not only unconstitutional and illegal but grounds for military action. Forfeiture was the tool that King George the 3rd used to justify stealing from the colonists to finance the British Red Coats. The Republican party has confused their allegiance and they must answer for this. Rob Wessel, Can I get you some cheese and crackers for that whine? No matter what your struggles were, they weren’t made worse because of the color of your skin. I’m sure you don’t see the irony of waving your bigot flag on the page of civil rights supporters.


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