The sound of silence shirt

The sound of silence shirt



You want to argue over a name, but the bottom line is we the people vote in elections for people to represent us at all levels of government. Voting should be easily accessible for adults 18 and over. If you want a compulsory ID for voting, sure, then let’s make sure that the ID is free at the point of sign-up, so it’s funded by tax-payers. Let’s make sure our elections are secure and can’t be tampered with. Open-source The sound of silence shirt. Make sure each vote truly counts. There are so many other things that we can do to improve voting and how elections are run in this country. The current system is very flawed. And part of that is by design. Alan Greenberg As ignorant as most of our voters are I doubt if they should be trusted to vote either. Most don’t know what they are voting for. Need to take a test first? Heard yesterday that China has the smartest children in the world and we are what, 24th or 25th? The right to vote should be basic and very difficult to prevent. As it exists now groups get to decide who votes, and corruption to our voting exists, the powerful create rules that restrict those that do not vote with them. John Newman that makes too much sense. And before anyone rushes in to say “who’s gonna pay for that?” Consider that statement an admission that a mandatory fee is a hurdle to voting, and that is a de facto poll tax. I never show my ID when I vote. I take my sample ballot and let them find me on the rolls that way. Then you have to sign in the box and that can be matched with your registration if need be.


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