The Shield 8th anniversary shirt

The Shield 8th anniversary shirt



People laugh but medicare for all will not work, it will kill the elderly. If you are 40 or younger maybe you can save enough money for future insurance cuz you won’t have it. her plan will kill medicare. Insurance companies have had us under their thumb so long people can’t imagine a health care system without them. FACT: 33% of every health care dollar you spend goes into the pocket of the insurance The Shield 8th anniversary shirt. That is a lot of money and will contribute to a better health care system. Evan Michael that’s what they want you to believe. The truth is that tax increases on the wealthy would generate only a fraction of what would be needed to pay for it. The rest would go towards the national debt, which we must get under control before it bankrupts us. Warren’s and Bernie’s plan would be to pay doctors and hospitals at Medicare rates. Medicare pays doctors and hospitals at a much lower rate than private insurers do. The payments from private insurers offset the lower payments from Medicare. Here’s what will happen if these plans are implemented. Physicians would close their practice because they can no longer afford their overhead. Hospitals would also close. Or reduce staff. Purchasing new or outdated medical equipment would halt. Innovation in new equipment, drugs and supplies would also halt. Because of doctors quitting practice and hospitals laying off staff. The general public would experience a lower quality of care and long wait times. But in your mind, who cares, as long as it’s free? They also don’t have the one we do for medical or the coverage for uncapped lawsuits against malpractice. In Canada, if you go in for a cold and they accidentally kill you, it’s still the 200k cap on a lawsuit. The standards of care are far less.


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