The Rocky Horror Picture Show Don’t dream it be it shirt

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Don’t dream it be it shirt



It was obvious from the initial warnings, that we can’t. Epidemics take immediate action, not delayed, not lukewarm personal opinions with bias & laced with arrogance. This admin already failed us from the start. No. It doesn’t depend on the circumstances. I would not leave an animal without these essentials for 48 hours. Humans deserve to be treated at least as well as we would expect a person to treat their dog. Resist now before they censor media that paints the government in a bad light. The expansion of the “patriot” act will get worse and worse. Michelle Buttles – No! There are already too many kids in foster care. I grew up in that system and have worked in it. There are already not enough resources as it is. The children of migrants need to be kept with their families if at all possible while awaiting hearings, inhumane conditions. Michelle Buttles if you would not want your children taken from you, your friends, neighbors, community, city, state – for committing civil infractions – you should not want this for anyone else. Being in The Rocky Horror Picture Show Don’t dream it be it shirt without documentation is a misdemeanor (jaywalking, driving with an expired tag). Presenting oneself at the border for asylum is legal. Having children ripped from parental arms merely because they seek asylum is unconscionable. That the administration has a “lost” track of 5500 children is inhumane and criminal. Anything is better? If it happened to you, your family, friends, neighbors, community, city, state – the outcry would be deafening. Why the silence? Michelle Buttles these kids have parents, that’s where they belong. Instead of arguing before the courts it’s “too traumatic to reunite” they should be doing just that. You squeezing out their rhetoric, mighty Betsy DeVos of you. How about you advocate the stolen children should be reunited?


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