The only thing worse than Covid 19 Trump 20 shirt

The only thing worse than Covid 19 Trump 20 shirt


Engage them when they’re young. I have taken my 2 boys to the polls with me since they were born. Conversations evolved as they got older. They’re young adults, still at home, but now we go vote together. The first time I was eligible, I voted. I have voted in every election since then, though I may have skipped a couple of local ones when I was in the military. When I was in scouting as a teen, I got all the citizenship merit badges and learned why voting has a responsibility to vote behind the right to vote. The suggestions of taking your kids with you when you vote is a really good one. thanks to those who gave that one already. But you also have to explain to them why voting is important. USPS mailboxes were broken into overnight in Both Richmond Va and Fort Smith Arkansas. Please begin an investigation into the social media or internet connection for potential future attacks. Also, expand the ‘election’ to include early voting times. Just make the ‘election’ like an entire month long. Send registrations to vote automatically, along with mail-in ballots with postage paid, to every registered voter in every state. Tell them they can meet other single people while standing in line. What better way to check out all the cuties in town. Everybody in your neighborhood will be there. When will you ever get a The only thing worse than Covid 19 Trump 20 shirt to see all the single people in your neighborhood? Dress to impress and get out there and vote. Take business cards with you. Raise them right. Lead by example. Entitled whiners can stay at home, who would trust their judgment to vote? Why should we even try to get clueless, self-absorbed whiners to the Polls? When &if they ever grow up, perhaps they’ll realize that their Voice is their Vote. Well, I’m an American living in Mexico and would be happy to sponsor an underground railroad for American’s wishing to flee. “Vote for me and you can flee” is my slogan. Well, unfortunately, have to lock up your kids and remove the reproductive organs of the women, but then I’m sure you understand.


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