The one where I turn Thirty shirt

The one where I turn Thirty shirt



There is a thing in the US called being presumed innocent before found guilty by a jury, and since this is jail instead of prison, it often has people unable to post bail before their trial by jury. At least, I thought that was the case, that until one is convicted, they were presumed to be innocent. Kassie Mitchell Clarke do you not understand the fact that had she not been incarcerated The one where I turn Thirty shirt of both her and her baby would m ou re then likely died due to her addiction. This, if it is honestly true, was tragic but accidental. She was risking her life every day with her addiction regardless and was sent to jail before she had the chance of ODing and killing both her and her child more or less purposely through her actions. There are drug-related convictions that are not necessarily addiction and you are assuming that she was addicted. Even if she were addicted, sending her to jail rather than having her get proper medical treatment would be the right course. I have worked with children born of addicted mothers and these children can be tragically damaged, but their addicted mothers are not to have abortions according to anti-abortionists. We could just as easily assume that she was denied the choice of abortion as a result of her conviction. If we are sentencing people to prison for a crime, that sentence is not a death sentence. We do not have the right to withhold medical care as a part of that sentence. And now subjecting people convicted of crimes lesser than those resulting in a death sentence exposes them to unsafe medical conditions. The wealthier criminals are succeeding in avoiding incarceration as punishment for their crimes. I wonder the fate of the other participants in her crime-the the pusher, the drug manufacturers, etc. or maybe her husband involved her in his crime.


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