The human world It’s a mess shirt

The human world It’s a mess shirt


Laura Kaia is careful that you are not mixing up the regular violence in those cities with the protests. I know there have been a few but definitely not as many as you claim. Some of these shootings are what would happen in the cities anyway. I understand what you mean. I totally agree. These babies and children were murdered by mostly BLM members and several are murdered by Antifa terrorists. I know that to be a fact. The innocents were black children. Do you donate to ACLU? Why are you following this page? You seem so distraught with them. I would hope ACLU’s focus would be on policing and the social justice The human world It’s a mess shirt since that is why the protesters are out and about. They are there to stay until something changes. This is the movement. Kinda like the civil rights movements in the 60’s that some white people gave to push back on. Think of who is there to protect and serve and why are they not all protecting and serving us all regardless of color? That is evil. There is an entire world of difference between unarmed protesters demonstrating vs standing around pointing weapons at people with your finger on the damn trigger. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Stop pretending otherwise because it makes you look foolish. The feds are there to stop the riots and violence. Antifa and BLM are trying to set a building on fire and destroy it. That’s why the feds are there. That’s a government building they are protecting from “Peaceful Protesters” the mayor of Portland has asked multiple times for the national guard and the Oregon governor is ignoring him. From what I hear the governor of Oregon is history in October and somebody else is going to replace her. Regular Americans are asking for law and order in Portland. They are tired of anarchy and chaos. I can guarantee you if this was in a small town or a city you were in. You would be asking for law and order as well. I did read it. Freedom of the press is fundamentally important. I sincerely hope that further legal remedies will occur to stop the feds from infringing on state’s rights and to stop police in general from trampling on the right to protest. I doubt anyone lawsuit can cover all of that because they’re all separate legal issues.


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