The great state of Kansas shirt

The great state of Kansas shirt



Virginia Mosier stands your ground means we don’t have to retreat from thugs who wish to take life, liberty, or property. It means we can stand up for what’s right, and not let evil win. The 2nd + stand your ground empowers the weak to be there own protectors. It puts everyone (even women) on an even playing field when they might not otherwise be able to defend themselves(or others). And I doubt things would have come out differently. A responsible juror would weigh the FACTS of the case and not just the slander from the media. Like the FACT that Zimmerman sustained a concussion+ multiple other injuries.  Michael, it’s crazy how openly they are admitting to being racist these days. I mean what kind of statement is that? Don’t bring a fist to a gunfight? Don’t try to protect yourself from a creepy old man following you around with the intent to kill you even after you’re told by The great state of Kansas shirt to stop? Christina Lee 3 years of having a giant POS as POTUS will really bring the cockroaches out of the dark & into the light of day I guess. You’re right though, they have no shame & are absolutely gleeful about showing their true colors. Why is it so hard to ask that people just be decent? Someone lost a loved one yet you take time to trash someone’s child that you don’t know over a grown man, a grown fucking man who was told by the police to stop what he was doing but refused. That’s sad and sick and y’all can take that trashy shit somewhere else. Mickey Dawkins according to the court, Trayvon snuck up on Zimmerman and attacked him. I wasn’t there, though, so I don’t think you should assume who attacked who, except Zimmerman had a broken nose if I remember correctly.


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