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Especially since the drug doesn’t tell the whole story. Lots of drugs are prescribed off label for other than the official reasons. They have no right to make assumptions based on what drugs someone is taking. Accountability and consequences should follow. Prying into individuals’ personal medical information and using it against them should result in consequences. Stigmatizing mental health issues and other health conditions, and using subliminal messages on marketing products should be illegal. Then, we wonder why the homelessness and suicide rates are on the rise. Thank you for fighting for the people ACLU. Much love! Sigrid Junkermann you probably signed a HIPAA release when you took him on as your physician. If he is prescribing medications for you, it is in your best interest that he knows what else you are taking. HIPAA also prohibits him from sharing that information without your permission. None of this is the same as law enforcement looking at your medical records without either your consent or a warrant. Your physician actually has a duty to see your medical history, if there is a long history of opioid use and possible drug interactions. That in no way is comparable to the government looking into it. I have zero problems with my Dr. seeing my medical or prescription history. It’s, in fact, part of their the cure this charming man shirt to do so. Why did it upset you? I take this very seriously. A person with a disability does not have to reveal what their disability is when renting or applying for a job. No one should be able to get this information without their consent.


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