The castle is calling and I must go shirt

The castle is calling and I must go shirt


Pretty sure they already track everything we do and have sold our info off to the largest bidder. This is nothing new. They should have been stopped at least a decade ago… probably longer than that. The system logs IDs of people who you come near and those IDs are anonymized and change regularly, meaning although the log of IDs can verify that you were near someone who reports a positive COVID19 test, you won’t be able to find out who or where. GPS is also not used as part of the system, meaning The castle is calling and I must go shirt doesn’t log your actual location, only the fact that you came within the Bluetooth range of a given anonymous individual. The system is set up to be completely anonymous. Google and Apple have a lot riding on this being anonymous and it could ruin them if it was found they are lying. Hopefully, the code will be open source so the community-at-large can verify their claims. Mike White: I think the material supplied by Ed Snowden would show your statements to be unsupported. The ACLU has been very subversive, working for citizen’s rights is very subversive. ITT people who don’t understand contact tracing is key to contain an epidemic. Did you know that freedom of assembly is prohibited? Why aren’t we talking about this violation of constitutional rights? Because it’s necessary right now and there’s always a cost. The ACLU is a subversive organization dedicated to degrading the USA on every level. Even technological advancement is labeled anti social. The ACLU has no reason at all to doubt these fine innovations.


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