That’s a horrible idea what time shirt



We have a very good example in Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA. Obama came out and gave a press release saying we were not going to deport minors anymore, told them to come out of the shadows, all of the sudden, thousands of unaccompanied children began showing up at the borders. Obama said it was a coincidence. I don’t think so. News runs fast and this is a great country. We have to be careful of the information we put out. Daniel Stalvey, they have the right to seek asylum and we have the right to tell them no. Just because you seek it doesn’t mean you qualify. We have nearly a million people here who have had their asylum claims denied. They got their due process so now they need to get the hell out. Loren Drzal wow you’re ignorant. How the hell you going to argue with someone who lives in Guatemala about what they do or doesn’t fear. Walter L. Hayes is right, most come for financial reasons not because they’re scared or in danger. That’s just the bullshit people say to get here because they’re told that’s what needs to be said. Walter L. Hayes, you are the one who said they got a green card. I am the one who said that is false. Which of us is accurate? You also compared the murder rate in guatemala to chicago. For your information, the rate in Guatemala is many times higher than that of Chicago, with femicide being a serious problem. The rates in honduras and el salvador are even higher. It just boggles the mind how someone like you can just turn a blind eye to the That’s a horrible idea what time shirt there and, not only pretend that it does not exist, but attack the victims as liars.


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