That log had a child the saga begins shirt

That log had a child the saga begins shirt



Kevin Farmer I mean actually technically they are. If you ever learned anthropology or the order of human development. You would know that we were the first and still are, animals to come up with the idea that a god or a being that is bigger than the material world, exists. So actually it was an early indicator of tremendous awareness and capacity for knowledge and religion played the foundation for science. Tommy Cusano, I stand because I want to. If you force someone its not real. Don’t be so insecure people will love this country because it’s great, not because they have too. You are the pusssy, scared, go to North Korea everyone loves everything there or their whole family gets killed. Some of the things people spout on here are truly embarrassing. I am ashamed for you and ashamed of how people talk about their country and president. No honor at all, no morals and hide behind a keyboard. I served my country and have a deep respect for all it stands for but there are so many out there trying to rip it apart. It’s a stab in the back to all who have put their life on the line to stand up for what they believe. If you think this post applied to you, please check yourself and think about what it is you are trying to accomplish. Be better than that! Everybody here at Fox Nation has changed their ways and now we have nothing but kind things to say about Obama and the honor that he brought to the office. Leasa Andrews, again it shows the level of understanding from individuals that aren’t in those situations and if you actually read articles from the person who advised him was in the military so how is that disrespectful. Eddie Davila, I have no problem being against police brutality, I am against it too! Where most of us work, however, this wouldn’t be allowed so why should this be an exception? Organize a demonstration, stand up for victims’ rights, broadcast your support for the cause! Just not on national tv when you are at work and representing your team. Or…always got the That log had a child the saga begins shirt to not play for the team. We weren’t allowed to campaign for things at work. That is true of most workplaces.


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