Teacher by day mask maker by night quarantined

Teacher by day mask maker by night quarantined



Siobhan Loughman, it is not “any other service” now because it’s illegal, and the women that choose (or are forced into it) are not offered and protection. When it is legalized and those same protections are offered it does become just like any other Teacher by day mask maker by night quarantined. Also, male prostitution is a thing. No, it is primarily men who solicit prostitutes. It is a negative male activity that grew out of women’s subordination to men. It is abusive. Legalizing it doesn’t change the inherent abusiveness of men buying women’s bodies. Whether we share the same opinion of prostitution or not, it’s not going away. Continuing to have it operate in the shadows is more dangerous than legalizing and offering them the protection from abuse, and the ability to get the same benefits of others. This is a proven fact. Pharmacists exist to dispense medications, aka drugs. The illegal drug trade is flourishing. Prostitution was legal in Rome. Brothels were filled with children. I’m fairly certain that you are not suggesting that we legalize child prostitution or behavior between adults and minors. How many prostitutes are killed by customers each year for sexual pleasure? How many are raped? And yes, a prostitute can be raped by a customer. Again, I will assume that you are not suggesting that we legalize physical, psychological, and sexual violence — although how could we not legalize consensual sadomasochism? And given that, how would we determine the difference between consensual and non-consensual? Bringing it “out of the shadows” will do nothing to eliminate the vilest, most abusive behaviors, and aspects of the trade. Please stop trying to tell me what I think. I’ve already said twice now, look at New Zealand, also as someone else mentioned, Amsterdam/The Netherlands. As I also said, prostitution is not going anywhere, so if it’s going to exist,¬†whether you agree with it or not, providing with the additional security that legalizing and regulating is the right thing to do. Individual morals should not come into play.


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