Teach all day watch hallmark christmas moviews all night shirt

Teach all day watch hallmark christmas moviews all night shirt



Virginia Mosier Correct re the FBI agent. Actually the shooter was laying the groundwork for a duty injury claiming he slipped and fell on ice. Also, his training officer from his previous dept. from which he was fired wrote that he should never be a cop again anywhere. Kevin Seymour thanks, Kevin. I’m originally from Ohio and most of my family lives near Cleveland. My bother was a police officer for a while to qualify to be a state park manager. An officer lives with a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Not everybody can do it. Virginia Mosier, you know who lives with stress? EVERYONE OF US! But more to the point, POC, who cannot simply go about their daily lives, without fear of being gunned down, in their homes, in the market, at the park, at the neighborhood pool, raking leaves in the yard, hell just breathing and being. Putting on a uniform doesn’t exempt one from following rules, being human, or treating other human beings with respect. It should be pointed out that the NRA has fought legislation that would have required that “toy” guns or “replica” guns be neon orange. The next time a second amendment supporter defends the NRA reminds them of that. Tamir Rice harms the Black Lives Matter movement. The undisputed facts of this case are someone was in a public park pointing a pistol at people. That the pistol was a Teach all day watch hallmark christmas moviews all night shirt is irrelevant because, even to a trained observer, it looked real. The fact the 911 caller stated the pistol might have been a toy is also irrelevant. There was no certainty in the statement, and placing doubt in the mind of the responding officers might cause them to hesitate in a situation in which hesitation is dangerous. The movement is important, but Tamir Rice has no place in it.


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