Taylor fife 20 tired of corruption well nip it in the bud shirt

Taylor fife 20 tired of corruption well nip it in the bud shirt



Anyone saying their taxes went up is talking about state taxes. The Trump tax cuts either cut taxes or kept them the same for everyone. Noone had their taxes rise due to the Trump tax plan. Patrick Vicini seriously? I would consider myself middle class and I ended up paying about three times as many taxes as I did the year before. So, no, taxes did not go down for the middle class. Patty Hedges Meanwhile, Trump pays zero taxes. This is the difference between a wealth-hoarding criminal CEO and a smaller business owner. At least other country’s citizens see actual benefit from the taxes they pay, such as by having universal healthcare and not facing bankruptcy for every illness they might face, for example. We can’t manage that here, because the wealthiest Americans in existence prefer to financially rape everyone around them while complaining that those they are financially raping are whiny lazy complainers who need to work harder. Of course, they don’t care about the middle class. Or anyone else, seems like. Rob Wessel, he’s been implicated in several felonies including campaign finance violations, bribery, and defrauding a charity. Plus you can add in abuse of power and assassinating a member of another countries government which is in violation of the war powers act. Just to name a few. John Stone, Trump was convicted of nothing. Regardless, he, and the rest of us, have work to do, so we need “the swamp” to assist us in getting themselves captured and put in prison. Tired of those that oppose our side. They need locking up. Hard to fight when Trump has been allowed to appoint 150 judges, all who are incompetent and biased. I wish people would wake up and get in the Taylor fife 20 tired of corruption well nip it in the bud shirt, and not just donate to the ACLU (which they should, anyway, but we need to do more.) That decision by a Bush-appointed judge to say it’s ok to separate babies from their families..has me extremely frustrated and depressed.


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