Tall silver and handsome shirt

Tall silver and handsome shirt



Hey Sandra, thank you for being thoughtful in your response. We live in a culture of which has been blanketed by “thoughts and prayers” being commented on tragedy after tragedy, while our governments refuse to change. For those who don’t believe in a god or the same gods, it can make coping with anger so much more difficult. People have the power to make things better- I believe in the power of action. We can all speak to our communities about inclusivity and building bridges across cultures. I live in a small city but we are trying to make events to share stories where all are welcome. It is my hope that together we can make things better, one step at a time. Juniper Lynn and I commend you for caring enough to be that agent of change. I too am an agent for change, inclusivity, and building bridges, mostly to include the spirit realm in our human realm. And I too like to build cultural bridges that also help bridge temperament and emotions. I think we are both on the right path. Always choose peace. I saw the hate at school. When I was in ninth grade on a 7-9 campus, I witnessed two Muslim girls getting bullied at school. They were literally the only kids at school to be treated worse than me. And I literally got jumped on an almost-daily basis. They were mocked, humiliated, and one of my classmates from the special needs classroom was planning on tearing their hijabs off and dumping soda on them. I warned him that if he did that, I’d break both his hands. My school counselor had me shadow them to ensure they had a witness if they suffered further harassment. One of my professors had a Muslim student harassed and threatened by a pair of boys two years before I attended her class. They were expelled and arrested on harassment charges. A Sikh man was mistaken for a Muslim and killed at his business with a truck just down the Tall silver and handsome shirt from where I grew up after September 11th by a misinformed racist. This is not uncommon. It’s all too real. Sometimes I could help. Other times I just stood by and watched as innocent people received the venom of other people’s senseless bigotry and wrath.



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