Surviving social distancing one glass at a time shirt

Surviving social distancing one glass at a time shirt



How can I literally be shaking when I’m casually sipping on coffee while laughing at your entertaining casual racism and xenophobia? Now you’re just being a small brain trying to marginalize me so you can have an easier time dismissing me. I’m just calling out your trash fire ideology. You were the one that posted in ALL CAPS RAGE while shaking in fear about the scary scary illegals. You fucking clown shoe. You have failed horribly at marginalizing me. One day you’ll obtain enough self-awareness to realize that, instead of responding how you’ve been, your wiser course of action would have been to not make this Surviving social distancing one glass at a time shirt, to begin with. Or to have deleted it in the face of being called out for the raging xenophobic racist you are. Dumpster fires gonna dumpster. See, there you go again, trying to be reductive so it’s easier for you to be dismissive of me. It’s not my fault I’m capable of using words to convey thoughts, nor is it my fault that you’re incapable of not being a xenophobic racist. Your stupidity continues to amuse me, o’ great gatekeeper of comment length. Because you think that by ‘calling me out’ for posting a long message, that I conformed to your point of view and thus shortened my next message to comply. You really think you’re clever, but you’re actually stupid. Do you understand why this gif applies here? It’s strange. As a gay man who likes easy low IQ guys, you should be more understanding of people being persecuted and punched down on by old, bald, idiotic white men. This is as perplexing as it is revealing, Bob. Get help. You suddenly defeated me by calling me, Erica. Not only are you a racist xenophobe, but the slightest gay joke (using your own words against you) has you suddenly retreating like someone just got within 6 feet of you and coughed. You are the poster child for why mortality is necessary.


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