Surviving social distancing one book at a time shirt

Surviving social distancing one book at a time shirt



You’re kissing a cardboard cutout of a rapist. You don’t get to challenge anyone’s intelligence. Also, any economist worth a damn knows a healthy economy is not happening when billionaires horde wealth and we incur trillions in debt. These people work extremely hard usually in jobs a white person would not do. They also create their own businesses. So if you do not help them and they continue to get COVID 19, sure as shooting the “citizens” will get the virus again. And you can get it again because it has mutated. It’s important to keep this in the public conscience so that the pressure doesn’t wane. This is a good chance to shine a national spotlight on Georgia, the perpetrators, the Attorney General’s Office, the police, and all the others who will try their best to hide this disgrace from the public eye and, once again, pull some well-known sleight-of-hand to exonerate the killers. This broke me today. I couldn’t watch the Surviving social distancing one book at a time shirt. I am so deeply sad for his loved ones and I ask myself, as I know they have too, how many times will this happen before justice is served? How much prayer does it take to turn this hate around? Senseless, barbaric, immoral, insane, deplorable, shattering. I have not had the courage to see the video. It is heartbreaking to lose such a young courageous person doing a mundane activity to gun violence. Deepest Condolences to his loved ones. I still cannot watch the video. The video will make you sick to your stomach. It is extremely upsetting, disheartening, and truly evil. He was an innocent jogger keeping to himself and the two men attacked him for no reason. The video illustrates the two white men instigating and targeting him. It was absolutely disgusting and horrifying to watch. They deserve prison, or worse. What animals. My heart goes out to ‪Ahmad and his family. May he rest in peace. I have seen some horrifying things on the internet but something about that video will always stick with me as being one of the most upsetting. It’s just truly frightening and sick. I literally cannot fathom the fear and confusion he was feeling in those last few moments. I don’t say this often but I hope those men fucking suffer.


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