Supporting the paws that enforce the laws shirt

Supporting the paws that enforce the laws shirt


An alleged fake 20$ bill is not a reason for murder. Video footage today showed the street corner where he was pulled from his vehicle and he really was not resisting. He was in pain, handcuffed, sat on the curb for a bit, then moved to the other location where he was murdered by a cop. The early reporting indicated he was intoxicated. That doesn’t excuse the officers’ behavior, and unless they do a toxicology report it’s speculative at best. It is irrelevant though. He was murdered. I don’t know about other reports, but the initial report I read (linked before) also said: “on a report of a man attempting to use forged documents at Cup Foods.” The simple truth to it all though is he was murdered because he was black. Forgery or not, intoxicated or not, resisting arrest or not, killing him was unlawful. The officer pinning him with his knee (right on his carotid artery) did so knowingly and did so after George Floyd was incapacitated. His actions were excessive, reckless, and actions appropriate for someone tasked with upholding the Supporting the paws that enforce the laws shirt. Robert William tells that to Breonna Taylor who was sleeping in her bed. Tell that to Tamir Rice who was shot BEFORE any orders were issued. Tell that to Philando Castile who was doing what they asked and they shot anyway. You need to open your eyes and stop spewing excuses for murder. Unless you’re dead cuz they killed you. Based on your love and awe of the armed power of the state and its stormtrooper/enforcers and your disdain for the Constitution and human rights, I’m gonna venture a guess that you probably voted for Trump in 2016?


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