Superman and Mr Jesus shirt



Superman and Mr Jesus shirt

Superman and Mr Jesus sweater Superman and Mr Jesus hoodie Superman and Mr Jesus ladies tee Superman and Mr Jesus guys tee

Why even waste the time of the court she should of got more if i did that as a normal person i would of went to prison hell they put parents in jail for kids who skip school and thats all she gets really. Aww the rich actress who easily could have afforded the best math tutor is going to jail for a whole 2 weeks!!! They should make her teach acting to all the inmates but at the nearest prison not some prison resort. That sentence is a joke and a slap to the face of every American that doesn’t have the money and privilege to be given such leniency.Still believe justice was not served with only the Superman and Mr Jesus shirt and why isn’t she already serving her sentence? No monetary fine or probation. Just a slight slap on the hand.


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