Super daddio shirt

Super daddio shirt



A society that is willing to throw the innocent unborn into the dumpster and then lectures on the death penalty has no dignity, justice, or human values. If you’re offended by abortion but not by brown babies being ripped away from their families and put into cages with pedophile guards, then you’re not a true Christian. You can preach your fake morals somewhere else. I like Margret Sanger’s idea that a person must prove that are adequately able to bring up children before they will be allowed to have children. People who can’t be forcibly sterilized. An embryo or a baby both are considered life. One is more in the advanced stage but both are life, they may have not taught you that at your Super daddio shirt. Abortion is just a killing of life that is not in its an advanced stage of maturity. This ACLU article was about the death penalty not about brown babies put in cadges because they have the misfortune of coming from a place that makes living in cadges in this country seem like a better place to be. Bacteria are considered “life” too. Washing your hands is just the killing of “life” that hasn’t evolved into more complex organisms yet. How dare you consider your own well-being and the welfare of our society as a whole rather than protecting “life” for the sake of “life”. Let those precious bacteria do as they will with your body, as God intended. If they make YOU sick or kill YOU that’s just the sacrifice I’m willing to make to protect “life” at all costs. Come back when you can prove to us your ability to differentiate between embryos of different mammalian species at similar stages of development. Or are they all sentient species deserving legal status?


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