Sunflower on a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair shirt



Our monthly contribution to the work of the ACLU is without a doubt the best ROI on any dollar we spend. Deeply grateful for the work you do on behalf of all Americans. Susan Metzger-Tate, After the skydiving instructor got the woman on the ground her boyfriend went to the skydiving company and said she felt uncomfortable by Don being gay. HE also claimed Don felt her up. Which doesn’t make sense since 1? He was gay 2. You’ve strapped together shoulders to hips. How was he going to touch her inappropriately except accidentally while being jerked around in the air? 3. If he hadn’t disclosed he was gay in an effort to reassure her he WOULDN’T touch her except as part of the dive this would have been a non-issue. The Sunflower on a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair shirt is saying he had no right to tell her he was gay. If you research the case it’s pretty obvious that they really didn’t want to upset the boyfriend and that was their sole and only reason to fire Don. Patrick Cox that clause related to sex is precisely what this lawsuit is about. It’s been argued that one’s gender aka sex in this scenario has nothing to do with the questioned orientation. Sex is protected, but sexual orientation is not explicitly and definitively included in that by law. It’s pretty clearly stated in the article. Barbara Lynn Glazeski But it shouldn’t have to be clearly explained. Sexual orientation discrimination is still sex discrimination. If someone is attracted to a man, that person is not fired of they are a woman but is fired they are also a man. The sex of the person and expectations of that sex by the employer were the deciding factor. That is very clear sex discrimination, with no logical way it could be seen separately.


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