Straught outta quarantine bartender 2020 shirt

Straught outta quarantine bartender 2020 shirt



Racism is wrong. Period. Harassing people based off of race is vile. Acknowledging that this current virus came from Wuhan, China is factual. That’s where it originated. It’s also true that the Chinese government at the very best didn’t help to slow the spread to other Straught outta quarantine bartender 2020 shirt and most likely covered up a large amount of what happened to result in far more infections than if they took appropriate and transparent efforts. However, again for those who are slow, the Chinese government is not the Asian family living next door. Flinging hate at all people of Asian descent over this is wrong. Blaming President Xi Jinping would be appropriate. No matter what party you are in and it does matter if you are white or black because both can careless its been proven since this country started and Democrats will do nothing like I said both are the same with racism. When Obama was in office and no Press for the protest of both pipeline the do-nothing Democrats and this so-called people did nothing no free press nothing it proves racism is rampant in this country. Keep digging a deeper hole, Joe. Making a regular public disgrace of yourself on every thread hardly does your cause any favors. But, by all means, continue to show the world the depths you edge case refugees from the sets of “True Blood” are willing to sink to, as you tie yourself in knots of down-home dog-whistled desperation. Explain to me, how exactly, do you plan on eliminating said virus, if you don’t act on where it’s coming from? Why don’t you morons spend this energy fighting Pennsylvania governor tom wolf, his bullshit shutdown and his demand that starting Sunday night, we wear masks when in public?


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