Straight outta quarantine mask maker 2020 shirt

Straight outta quarantine mask maker 2020 shirt



That’s because the system is set up to allow people to plea out to “time served.” Of course, the legal system discriminates against minorities and the poor unfairly. If you are rich, you can get buy your way out of a lot of criminal charges. Why don’t you’ll just bring the leaders of the GOP and DNC up on RICO Charges and shut them down as criminal enterprises and put all the leaders in prison then we can actually start working on the real problems like this in the country with them out of the way? Thomas E Hale a noncash bail system does not mean one will sit in jail indefinitely, it is quite the opposite. Those that qualify, that have been accused of low-level non-violent offenses would be released until their court date. Much of the jail population is there due to finances. A rich person is arrested, posts bail, and returns to their normal life, and job. When poor people are arrested and can’t make bail, they often lose their jobs, their Straight outta quarantine mask maker 2020 shirt, etc. all before they have even been convicted of a crime. A no cash bail system is just one small, but extremely important, and necessary step towards leveling the playing field. Steve Pest well we’ve had lots of republican years where it could have been changed so what’s your excuse now? Oh, that’s right, Republicans love money and privatized prisons even more under Bush’s second term along with college loans. Monica Rene Obama could have changed it but nothing happened until trump did prison reform. Bear in mind, when Clinton did it, you were in and stayed in until the ACLU told you to no longer support it. So spare me the blame game. You don’t care about prisoners. College loans by the government were liberal’s and the reason for the college debt problem, high college costs. What’s wrong with privatized prisons, cheaper, better condition, etc than government prisons. Lol, do you even know if they are privatized? You say that about hospitals etc when it’s not true.


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