Stop watching anime and get a job shirt

Stop watching anime and get a job shirt



Well if maybe she would follow royal protocol and quit disrespecting the traditions of the royal family, the press would back off. And quit whining about being a newlywed and pregnant at the same time was difficult. Getting pregnant immediately after the wedding was your choice, it was a great way to secure your spot in the royal family. Things don’t work out, money still flows to you. Well played. It’s no different in Hollywood which is where she started before getting involved with the royal family. She knew exactly what she was getting into from the start. I feel zero sympathies for her or her whiny problems. I understand how difficult it must be to withstand the media publishing nothing but lies about you. So maybe she can understand our President ( the man she seems to hate ) and understand that some of her hate probably comes from the lying press. Well, she secured her financial future anyways by having a child so soon after marriage and before she really even experienced the royal lifestyle. So now she can complain away so she will get all the sympathy if they split. After reading this, I get the Stop watching anime and get a job shirt that quite possibly, Meghan believed she would do exactly as she pleases. Even we Americans understand the royal family runs on rules. Harry did not handle his Mother’s passing well, and putting stress on him by complaining about the press is unforgivable on her part!! Women have babies, husband’s jobs take wives and families away from their friends and families. This is life. Maybe counseling is needed. I hope Harry doesn’t have a breakdown.


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