Stop calling my mom I’m trying to watch Youtube shirt



Joshua Hellmann, I also checked and stand corrected. You will note that the candidates are questioned by volunteers who meet them at campaign events. Are these candidates actively campaigning? Quite frankly, I am interested in those who actually have a chance and are not on the ballot simply to throw the election to another candidate. I hope you guys are watching any shenanigans at all precincts and make sure ALL legal votes are counted and not stored in trunks of someone’s car. William Murphy Exactly correct. Law states can’t discriminate based on sex! It seems how people are born either male or female it’s a no brainer. Can’t allow the Stop calling my mom I’m trying to watch Youtube shirt to consider one’s Perception of what they are. Hormones and sex operations don’t change what they were born as. I watched my mom break into the legal profession as a woman in the 70’s, so I know you have a great fight. But I don’t think her struggle was the same thing because it’s just not. I believe you are strong enough and will be a great advocate because of your struggle. She was much better at representing women because she was living it. I’m not making it about my mom: I am just pointing out the importance of the better representation from those who live it. The one struggle we’ll never know is being denied our existence. And thank you for fighting for equality because it’s so hard these days. I don’t hold out much hope, given the current make up of the court… but reading the ways they bend over backward to try and justify their decision should be entertaining. The long road is not over yet.


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