Stones 58th anniversary shirt

Stones 58th anniversary shirt



Joanne Durbin lol what and all you are saying is that you want to discriminate. Anything you disagree with in your tolerant world view is discrimination. You claim it for everything the same as you call people who disagree with you racist, bigots, etc. Blah blah blah. Same old liberal crap. Accuse the other view of your sins. Huge difference as far as the founders of this country were concerned. They hated democracy and did not want that for this country. I can give you several quotes from them if you are interested, but I doubt that you are. Instead of offering me alternatives, why not advocate for equal rights? I’m not here to take your rights nor am I here trying to abdicate my responsibility towards my children. I’m asking for equality because rights are for everyone even those who don’t exercise them. Why shouldn’t women have sex for pleasure? We have the choice to abort or gestate a pregnancy if we want to. You’re the one crying about paying for ejaculating all over the place. Do something about it. We can’t make women raise their kids or even make them give birth. Your accountability is a choice. Why withhold that choice from someone else? You don’t try to stop women from aborting why stop men from making their own Stones 58th anniversary shirt about their futures just like you allow women? Safe haven drops allow women to give birth to children they don’t want and abdicate all responsibility. Nobody asks them to pay child support. Nobody tells them they made their choice and need to be responsible. It’s funny it’s a fetus when they want to kill it but a baby if a man wants to abandon it. Your body your choice, our shared responsibility for your choice. Gotta love the necessity of the patriarchy in propping up “women’s rights”


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