Stitch Merry kissmyass shirt

Stitch Merry kissmyass shirt



They still have Christian values but no longer contribute to charities that have Christian values. I’m sorry, I read the press release, it is clear the Stitch Merry kissmyass shirt wants to disassociate itself with charities that promote Christ in order to make more money. Marie Dobbs Brasseit yes you either believe and stand on the Word of God or you do not. Standing on the Word of God does not mean you hate sinners it means you love them enough to want them to be forgiven as you have been forgiven. They are just fine if a few of you holy rollers go elsewhere. You’re not as important as you think. Fun to watch you turn on your own though. Not surprised at all. Nick Charuk how in the world is it being a hypocrite to decide how you spend your own money. You say it’s okay for that company to decide how they spend their money but if somebody decides not to spend their money there that makes them hypocrite? Doesn’t that make you the hypocrite by defending one person or organization’s right to do that but crucifying an individual for the same thing? Douglas M Foster so you’ll spend your money there as long as they spend their money on how YOU see fit. They fulfilled their obligations to the Salvation Army. They are still giving to other Christian places. Stop being a hypocrite. Seriously everything you use from your cell phone provider, power companies, the cars you drive, your computer, pharmacies all support something we probably don’t believe in. There is more value in sharing the truth of the gospel than wasting time boycotting! I mean the Bible says to love one another no matter what and to not judge others. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner, they shouldn’t have given financial support to those organizations, to begin with.


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