Steelers signatures shirt

Steelers signatures shirt



I mean the number one rule of any results is correlation does not equal causation. You would need to set up an experiment where you directly test the variable in order to theorize that what your saying is true. Or else this is just fear-mongering. This article really doesn’t go into enough detail about exactly what kind of screen time is causing harm. Yes, kids that sit in front of a tv and don’t move or interact or learn anything are probably having trouble. But educational videos, physical movement videos, shows with life lessons and educational teaching tools are excellent! Roscoe Hanson well my kids don’t have discipline problems, they have good attention spans and are in advanced education programs at school and every single one of them was exposed to technology from age 2. Jan Jefferson’s studies show this is actually not true. To develop language skills particularly, they need to really limit screen time. This is a HUGE misconception. Children need more social interaction. Jan Jefferson Exactly. My grandson has been moved into the gifted program and he has been exposed to various technology since the age of 2 also. My granddaughter, now 3, is following in his footsteps. She is fluent in the language, is very physically and socially active and is also very technologically literate. Their screen usage has always been monitored for quality.  Jan Jefferson from research that I have read over the years, it’s the lack of motor skill development, vestibular brain development and balance, and more that happens when children are building with manipulatives, people playing in dirt, hanging upside, bouncing, riding a bike, etc. you are completely right about games that use the body to interact and educational games that teach. I don’t know about this particular research, but again what I’ve read over the years, yes, there is a lack of brain development. If it isn’t used, it will not develop. For example, fine motor skills like pinching and picking up things, turning pages, and writing with a pencil can not be replaced by touching a screen to build, reading a book on an iPad, or writing on a screen with a fingertip. Different motor skills are used. So, different parts of the Steelers signatures shirt or activated, again, if the dendrites are never “woken” up, then they will not develop.


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