Stay home and watch Star Wars shirt

Stay home and watch Star Wars shirt



I’m not a doctor and not familiar with the science, but logically, if someone goes through puberty as a man, then transitions to a woman, would they not retain the inherent physical characteristics of their male birth? Even with all the hormonal treatments in the world, wouldn’t their body structure and potential muscle mass be that of a male? If so, then they should be banned from female sports. If not, then they should be allowed to compete. I leave the answer, as far as sports go, to science. People should be treated however they want otherwise. I know. As I said, I’m good with it if scientists and doctors are good with it. And outside of the sports question, people should be treated however they want. What on Earth upset you about that? I couldn’t possibly be fairer. What’s to stop people from abusing the Stay home and watch Star Wars shirt? A failed male athlete can beef up, transition, then wipe out women’s sports. It’s insulting and infringes on the rights of, women. They could always just make a co-ed league, but they’ve done that already. The trans people may have a remedy here, but it should be on a case by case basis to prevent unlawful abuse and manipulation for the integrity of the sport, and the female athlete’s that the trans movement so blatantly disregards with censorship, shaming, and feigned offense. It seems like a lot of these laws have the danger of invasion of women’s privacy – possibly subjecting them to invasive tests to prove they are female. At the same time (and I hate to agree with anything the rights says) it defeats the whole purpose of separate women’s and men’s sports leagues to have men competing as women. Nobody says a transgender male to female can’t compete. but perhaps they should compete in the men’s league. I will read your articles in full later. As for your somewhat confused comments – Are you really in favor of more sexism? It sounds like it! as for innate psychological differences between men and women let’s just take one stereotype. As a math teacher of 30 years if have seen both brilliant women students and male students. I really couldn’t say that one group is more talented than the other. And as every math graduate must know, there have been some very top women mathematicians in history – sometimes even fighting overwhelming prejudice and roadblocks against them . and it’s really true that sexism is one the rise I’m not surprised -goes along with the rise in fascism.


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