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William Marone so, you are suggesting that we use force to keep those landowners from attempting to mitigate their risk or protect their Stay home and watch Days of our lives shirt. And yes, this does create different classes. I am not unsympathetic to those renting, but unless there is some sort of protection for the landlords then this will worsen the economy. That is an incredibly myopic view you have. A lot of landlords are mom and pop and would not be able to weather this. Evictions have been frozen, but that doesn’t help the landlord pay their mortgage on the property. Ok, they take out a second, how do they pay for that? And for some, they could end up homeless. Unless the plan is protected it all the way up then it is very short-sighted and will have serious economic consequences. Jesse Bachir you are probably right. So, what about that emergency fund? I am not a landlord but it doesn’t seem right to me that all the burden should be put on them. Where is the assistance to help the landlord? Isn’t everything we have in some way an investment? Someone who rents invests in that home so they have a place to sleep safely, get ready for work, or make dinners. Every day brings the potential of job loss pandemic or no pandemic… why is it, it is okay for the renter to have no backup plan but expected of the landlord? Could the renter not use a credit card? Could the renter not work with a bank to come up with funds to pay his rent? It isn’t myopic at all. If they take out a second mortgage, they use that cash to make both payments. Interest is currently low, so the rate should be low. If their financials were in order, they should be able to get a long term. Then, once the tenant resumes paying, and the term is up, they can increase the rent with the market to mitigate the loss. I don’t see you demanding people with stocks get their money back. Even if it is “mom and pop.”



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