Stay home and watch Chibli movies shirt

Stay home and watch Chibli movies shirt


All these comments from people who have never been on the wrong side of an accusation. Family members going on 9 months in jail with no indictment and bailout of reach. Guilty or not, no indictment in 9 months is sketchy at best. My family is appalled that a person can be held without conviction or indictment. I said, “Now, are you willing to vote for criminal justice reform?” It’s amazing how quickly conservatives change their tune when one of them finds themselves on the wrong side of the Stay home and watch Chibli movies shirt. Anyone who dies in prison should have plenty of evidence of criminal negligence and should sue all cities and states and Feds involved. They were arrested and awaiting trial or hearing before being released (on bail) for follow-up. Likely not much different elsewhere. Not yet convicted because they had not yet had or completed the trial. Convictions do not come immediately after arrest. People are arrested on suspicion. Most of these people are not in jail long term. My son is in one since Jan 1st and has not seen the courtroom. Turned himself in on narcotics charge after doing 4 months at a rehab that he put himself in and is still waiting. Countless states are silencing our civil liberties during this epidemic! I didn’t know our constitution became null and void during pandemics! You guys are nowhere to be found. So sad. I can swear to that while doing time at Club Fed, they had me working at the laundry in Ft. Bliss Tx washing soldiers uniforms, they had gotten rid of all the civilian workers. Same thing in Ft. Worth Federal Medical facility, working for Unicorp mailing magazines, flyers and letters for the aviation administration. It is a prison industry. My cousin was making the straw brooms you buy all the time. And there’s so much more


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