Stay golden girl shirt

Stay golden girl shirt



Her being a lesbian has nothing to do with it. It’s her comparing her isolating in a mansion and comparing it to being in jail. Cry me a river, Ellen. You’ll get by just fine. I’m sorry it’s terrible for these people. I wish they hadn’t made the decision to do whatever it is they did, to be put in a place like this. This isn’t a refugee, trying to find escape tyranny, these are people who broke the law. Gay or straight, they made a decision to break the laws of this country. I don’t believe this makes it ok to be inhumane, but they are in jail for a reason. As for Elle. We are all trying to make sense of this experience which is new to everyone. None of us have been through a worldwide quarantine before. We are going to communicate our feelings the best we can. Judging her comments on what’s happening in HER experience, and comparing it to this person, who’s the only similarity to Ellen is her sexual orientation, is ludicrous. Attention seeking. What assumptions? The person says she’s gay, in jail, and, oh boy, Ellen thinks she’s in jail, well she has no clue. Right? This person is in jail, a fact not an assumption. She’s gay, fact. She’s complaining because is scary with all this virus, fact. She’s comparing her situation with Ellen’s, fact. Ok, where’s my assumption? I am a strong, loving, compassionate woman on a wonderful spiritual journey.” Funny, here you sound like a judgmental, punishing woman who couldn’t care less about others. They made the decision to break the laws of thus Stay golden girl shirt” 90% of people in prison were NOT judged by a jury of their peers in a court. And poverty puts more people in prison than anything else.


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