Statler and Waldorf Is this jolly enough shirt

Statler and Waldorf Is this jolly enough shirt



I’m glad you are suing on this. As a retired banking attorney I remember that when a regulation was proposed to require addresses for each deposit account customer, the government stated in the Federal Register that their goal was to get as much information on every person in America as they could. Now they are collecting data with no regulatory limits or regard for our privacy. Sue Amon Lussa, true, and that is a decision that must be readdressed by the Supreme Court. At the time when first decided, there were not enough policemen in the world to follow everyone, every day, whenever they left their homes, nor enough secretaries and typewriters to type up their reports, nor enough filing cabinet space on the Statler and Waldorf Is this jolly enough shirt to hold those reports. None of that is true today. At what point does a matter of degree become a matter of essence? I am not surprised. Law enforcement would always like to cheat to make their jobs easier. I would guess they are using the information to gain leads on people who are out of place, but there are many reasons to be somewhere else, and a lot of them are no one’s business. There are a lot of people who might not want their sexual practices known, or who their associates are. No illegality is necessarily taking place because someone is being more secretive than normal because of all the social stigmas in our society that sometimes carry no legal consequences, but can carry financial consequences. What’s really interesting is that elevators and escalators move at a certain pace so that the scanners have a chance to look and recognize your face especially at airports. The tracking hardware sensors, Computer Software, and AI driving algorithms are advancing so rapidly that this is too little too late. The number of databases they can access (50 State RMVs Photos, State and Federal Prison Mug Shots to name just two) is already open. That’s just the US, China is light years ahead in Government abuse of Privacy and Tyrannical abuse of people and privacy.


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