Starbuck nurse corona shirt

Starbuck nurse corona shirt



It is a fact that a significant portion of the US prison population committed no crime. It’s a fact. You can look it up. The crimes, in many cases, were committed by police and prosecutors manipulating and/or falsifying evidence to get a plea bargain or conviction. David McClelland. You guys seem to think I have formed a judgment towards anyone except this posting that said this “jailed” person, thought Ellen was stupid because she felt being “locked in her house” was like being jailed. That’s it! I said nothing about this person’s guilt, whether or not they deserve to be there. I don’t know them, how could I? You guys are really quick to try to find enemies in every word. As for my profile picture, I’m proud of what he did, during his short life. I really don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of me. Ray, of course, I know that but that’s not what this article is about. If it were about how people we in jail getting sick and I said oh everyone’s guilty anyway so fuckem, I’d never say that. The GREAT majority of inmates are being incarcerated for petty victimless “crimes” such as drug possession. How many times have you driven home from the bar shit faced on what is probably the worst drug of all, regardless of “legality”, and managed to get home without getting caught? Four times getting caught within 10 years in Ohio will send someone straight to prison. Wow. I don’t get it. ALL I did was say that to rag on Ellen was stupid. The Starbuck nurse corona shirt was about that. I guess, however, some of you want to make it that I somehow think, our judicial system is right all the time, IT’S NOT! That all the inmates are there justly, THEY AREN’T! I made only one assumption, that someone can post an opinion, on this site, without being the scapegoat for all your life’s complaints about how unfair things are for you and your buddies. The one thing I said, that I don’t take back is, people make bad decisions all the time. Some are worse than others. Some have more extreme consequences than others. People don’t end up in jail when they make a decision to NOT do those things. Sometimes, however, it’s just who we hang with and their decisions. Ultimately, our life, what happens to it, how it turns out, even how we die, is all affected by our life’s decisions and their consequences. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves.


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