Star Wars signatures shirt

Star Wars signatures shirt



You’re saying flipping off a President is good, you really don’t belong in this country. I doubt you vote or contribute to anything, you have no true love for your country or everyone as a whole in it. You’re just hateful, and selfish. You think everything will go your way 100% of the time, that’s not how the world works, be an adult sometimes you lose. Michael Fortner, I’m not hateful, I just hate Trump. Just in case you forgot, he started his campaign with hate, calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, so don’t preach me about here when you voted for someone who is the most hateful of all! Archie that’s because it’s true about the cartels in Mexico. Take his words out of context all you want, I’ve followed him forever and you’re lying. He was speaking of the cartels in Mexico, get a grip snowflake. Jim Wolfe how is Alina meddling? She is entitled to her opinion and also entitled to comment in an open forum on FB. I’m a Brit. If I comment on the state of American politics, or who won in an election in Kentucky, is that interfering? Calm yer tits, man! Freedom of speech doesn’t equate to freedom of punishment from the private sector. People and businesses can pick whether or not they want to have anything to do with you after you express your 1st amendment rights. Should someone be free from punishment from their Star Wars signatures shirt if they openly support the KKK? But to a certain extent, she got that from a page in TRUMP’s playbook lol. That’s some petty foolishness that he is well known for. Not saying that it’s right or that she should have been elected because of the popularity of it. I’m looking at it as she rejected the BS that he and his followers brought along with them. Hopefully, she’ll be able to translate that into governing with a greater purpose. If not, we’ll replace her too. I thought the US was a free country – lost her job? Was she riding the bike for her job? If not, it’s nobody’s business! Glad that she is now in the office though!


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