Star wars reflection shirt



Herman Frisbee have you not been listening to the greatest con man ever. What he says confirms the above statement. Fake News! Please. The military logo you show – shows that at one time you did respect this nation. Just look at how his policies are hurting those who have served this nation in the past and how badly he is treating those who are serving our nation now. Shame on you. When there isn’t enough affordable housing or enough income to afford housing. no scheme is fair instead people are encouraged to compete/fight with eachother for insuffiecient supply, instead of working together to increase supply. Sorry to say that this is a direct result of Congress legislating its power to the executive Star wars reflection shirt. Congress needs to be specific when they make laws. Yes! Even more than half with the over sentencing, color prejudice, and overzealous law enforcement. Judges who really don’t see human beings. There are reliable choices that would help people change their path of desperation. Evidence and data demonstrate that rehabilitation and social services are far more effective than punitive sentencing and harsh, broadening, and extended imprisonment for reducing crime, convict recidivism, and for improving societal and economic growth metrics. Research it yourself, or continue in ignorance. Choose wisely. I for one sure hope you get to experience what you’re after the first hand. Can’t wait till it comes round full circle for ya, hopefully, get a chance to grow some compassion or at least learn a few new tricks.


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