Star Wars I missed I died anyway shirt

Star Wars I missed I died anyway shirt



Catlin Marchand Its not the people at the port of entry. It’s the ones who enter where ever they want to. Our border agents have stopped a lot of drugs from coming into our Star Wars I missed I died anyway shirt. So not funding just open the borders for all the drugs to come in harm to our country? This is why ACLU is accused of not helping a US citizen. No one’s safety is important except for the safety of illegals. Bottom line no one knows what the border agents do and see from day today. They have been assaulted. Two can play that game. No funding for Dhs no path to citizenship without funding illegals will have to pay all the fees associated with green cards etc.. No waivers. Herman Frisbee wrong. Death camps aren’t the same as concentration camps. You, sir, are the one displaying limited intelligence, or at least limited knowledge. I have never been asked for an ID to vote. Republicans know, however, that 10 times more democrats don’t have government-issued ids than republicans, which is the only reason they push for ID laws. If you are too stupid or too lazy or get offended by showing an ID to vote, it’s you that is the special one. It does not matter what color you are or if you tuck your dick between your legs. You too coward or too ashamed or aloof to provide ID? Who’s the privileged one again? Nobody’s rights were violated, the protocols were followed and the person voted. Get over your hateful selves. Nobody got beat up at curbside voting either. If you are too ashamed of your own skin, maybe consider staying home. Otherwise, be proud of who you are and vote. Nobody really gives a damn what you look like or what bathroom you pee in. When I voted (Minnesota) I was asked the first three letters of my last name, my first name, and my address, which were verified in the “book” (an iPad database). No need to show ID unless you are registering to vote that day, in which case you also need to have either a utility bill with your current address or a neighbor who is already registered at their address vouch for you. Washington State here. We went mail-in only a few years ago. The election board compares signature to the voter registration. *there are processes for those how can’t write or if you can’t sign this time.


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