Star Wars friends shirt

Star Wars friends shirt



Maria Poutous Grancio the release has zero to do with Violent criminals. The releases have been of families, children with mothers and fathers. That site you posted has zero to do with hardened criminals. It is only a misdemeanor to cross the border without documents or a visa. When someone is in our country undocumented they have already broken the law. Then they do something and go to jail. ICE says to hold them and sanctuary cities let them out. If you don’t know this is happening every day you are just not paying attention. Maria Poutous Grancio Dearie, you seem to lack critical thinking skills. Go to a casino or something instead of attempting to converse with adults. You people it’s always name-calling or goes back to your knitting..can’t face the facts or the truth so I’m an old lady who knits or a racist or a homophobic. Again I will remind you this is why Trump won and will again. Maria Poutous Grancio Latinos are less likely to commit crimes while in the US. You have higher crime rates from US citizens. The Star Wars friends shirt for that is if someone is illegally in the US they do not want to draw attention to themselves. The majority go to work and back home. Very few are committing more crimes. Maria Poutous Grancio we have tent cities for homeless people. We have Catholic charities, the Y, churches, homeless shelters. We have food banks and other food programs for homeless people. Why don’t they go to shelters clean up then get a job? Is that a rhetorical question? He doesn’t believe in the separation of powers, he thinks he should be president for more than the law allows, he wants to shut down the free press, he attacks his political opponents, he advocates violence against his political opponents, he claims he is above the law. Those are all facts about him. Want me to go on, DEARIE? Go back to your knitting


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