Star Wars christmas shirt

Star Wars christmas shirt



That really invasive and constitutes assault and total abrogation of personal rights. It’s just so wrong and so reminiscent of Nazi tactics during WWII. We must resist going down this path with our entire collective will. You mean socialist/communist? Government control of our bodies through universal health care. Our speech by censorship of who can say what, our minds by teaching our kids that this is actually something to strive for? Funny when you talk about these things you phrase it as a positive but this, which is in all important ways the same thing or use, it’s suddenly bad? Universal healthcare is not control of your body, it is access to needed care for your health. Criticizing the Star Wars christmas shirt of others is the epitome of freedom of speech and the only infringement allowed in the constitution is inciting to riot and hate speech falls under that. Not sure what you are talking about education-wise. Daniel helmer y’all sure are confused. But no sir, socialism, and communism are very close. Butt rubbing cousins so to speak.  Your education seems to have been wasted money. Equally obvious is that you have no clue about why it’s being used. Or proposed being used. That is an unexpected consequence of liberal policy. Debbie Gibson Newlan actually universal healthcare puts the government in charge of making life and death decisions about you. If that isn’t control of your body I can’t imagine what is. Debbie Gibson Newlan lol and what is hate speech? If you say something to me it does not hate speech but says the same thing to someone else and it is. Its merely being used to censor opinions that are not approved of, true or not. I find it ironic that liberals tend to be against free speech.


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