Star Wars christmas shirt

Star Wars christmas shirt



Michael, how is the Rainbow exactly hurting you? I too am a straight woman, but don’t understand how any other person is affecting your life? Please in respect explain that to me. How exactly is it discriminating against you? How is a rainbow affecting or discriminating YOUR life? I really want to know how this affects you? I would be more concerned about how a traitor to America is affecting your life. The ACLU continues to send mail to a dead person despite three requests over the last six months. Why would you torture people with mail to a dead person? I sent you the damn obituary! I am going to post this on FB and Twitter till you take us off your mailing list! No more donations till you respect the living and the dead! Jannon McKenney-Kirley ICE is already doing that and removing them every day, and we Americans thank them for doing their Star Wars christmas shirt and supporting our laws in America. That’s what good Americans do, their job. Democrats could learn from ICE, but they have an expired Nancy Pelosi the anti-American breaking our laws. Chris Clinch If there is no warrant the owner of the property does not have to submit or agree to a search and seizure on their property. Whether it be a home or place of business. You realize if this were allowed, any person can make an anonymous report that they believe you are housing illegal immigrants and your door can be smashed down, you and your family can be terrorized all over a false report about you. That is why the law is in place. No warrant, no entry. Daniel Lucas is ok. Let me try to explain in terms you can understand. Just because you saw that happen, does not mean they had the right to do so. Just because you called on your neighbors does not mean it was correct. It is likely they ‘went right in’ because the homeowner did not know their rights. That is the entire point I am making. For people to know their rights because their rights are not being respected or recognized. Like I said, if I thought you were doing something illegal and had zero actual proof beyond my guess that you were doing something illegal, called police on you, they do NOT have the right to enter your property either without your permission if they do not have a warrant. Just like I advised somebody else on here, I don’t have to be a police officer. I don’t have to be a lawyer. All I have to do is READ THE FOURTH AMENDMENT. The law is in place so that law enforcement cannot harass citizens without proof and due process. So again. In simple terms. Unless the officers have a warrant or unless they actually SEE the illegal activity being conducted on a property, the property owner DOES NOT have to allow them access to their property. Again, look it up.


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