St Mungo’s wasn’t hiring so I heal Muggles instead shirt

St Mungo’s wasn’t hiring so I heal Muggles instead shirt



Jeff Flowers, I remember a few years ago a Chicago gun law defender accused surrounding states of dumping their guns into Chicago. He was implying that their gun laws don’t work because the surrounding areas don’t have the same laws. That is their goal, more gun laws that don’t work for everyone. Derek Eastwood the National Guard has not trained to police a city. The police know who the St Mungo’s wasn’t hiring so I heal Muggles instead shirt is, they arrest the same people over and over. They get released before the ink is dry on the police reports. Stop giving I-bonds for violent crimes and possession of illegal weapons.  This charade is giving the people all the motivation reason to set time limits for the houses. Enough is enough. We need representatives who want to do good for the country; not just do good for their pockets. It is my prayer and belief that the lies, corruption, and deceit of those in Congress who are unreasonable, have no integrity, bear false witness and deceive their own party will be exposed! I ask that their corruption be revealed to the entire world! I pray for God to aid in their prosecution and sentencing and that once again America will be United! Barbara Silva, I hope my former party, the GOP, finds what bit of integrity, dignity, and love of our country they can muster and not stand with democrats, but against the wannabe King and dictator. Otherwise, we might as well throw our constitutional republic into the waste bin of history and just nominate a King to rule us. A few years ago I would have never ever imagined (after Watergate) that you could have such a president who really does things like that and thinks that this is normal. Why did the world change so dramatically that still half of the people believe in this silly liar and defend him strongly in public. Do the Republicans support him from the bottom of their heart or just to be reelected? Please be normal again the lovely US! Best wishes from Germany.


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