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Matthew Perlich Whatever. The fact is that the right to make one’s own decisions about one’s own body is protected in the US Constitution, Amendment 14 Sect 1. The fact is that women will always require abortions unless we want to allow them to die. States that ban abortions are the states with the most moms and infants dying–from lack of medical care. The fact is the best way to prevent abortions is effective birth control. It is too expensive for poor women and Title X funding was preventing abortions before the antichoicers took it away. The fact is the rate of abortion has been going down because of access to medical care, thanks to clinics like PP. The fact is the rate of abortion is about to go UP, now that Title X funding has been given to fake clinics and poor women cannot access effective birth control. The fact is some 20 states are protecting the right to abortion if Roe is overturned. Antichoicers aren’t saving babies. They are making life harder for poor women who already have hard lives. Diane Sherman Why are you addressing a strawman? My argument was never that we shouldn’t fund birth control or proper sex ed initiatives. That being said, they have no bearing on the intrinsic immorality of abortion itself. So I’m completely unsure as to why you’re throwing random tangential (at best) political rants at me. “Fake clinics”: see, that’s just your own subjective POV dictating the conversation. Your definition of “clinic” must clearly include abortion which is irrelevant to your comments about birth control. Also, it’s NOT her own body. That’s why sometimes a woman’s immune system will attack the fetus as it views it as a parasite. If it were part of her body, then the immune Spoiler alert hillary wins shirt would not react in said manner. Objectively, that fetus is not part of her body. It does make sense why you’re all attacking strawmen though. Since none of you have addressed my central premise: Abortion involves the termination and bereavement of nascent human life. Thus, it is effectively murder. Argue against this premise or else shut up. I’m not wasting my time on tangential bullshit that has no direct bearing on this conversation. I’ve played wet nurse to you people enough trying to explain. Put up or shut up.


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