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Jeanette Bill-Cole even with those prevention methods, they can fail. I agree that prevention is ideal- and recent studies have shown that access to birth control has dramatically reduced unintended pregnancies (and therefore, abortions). So it’s access that must remain obtainable. And when those methods fail, abortions MUST be just as obtainable without religious fueled political barriers. As you said, forced incubation is gestational slavery. No one walks into their OB office in their 3rd trimester and saying “eh, doc this isn’t for me.” No licensed medical professional would perform that unless there were specific criteria:
“Late-term” abortions are not performed unless the woman’s life is being threatened by continuing the Sorry no habla fucktardo shirt. If the fetus is dying from abnormalities and has no chance of survival outside of the womb, OR the fetus is already dead and doctors and patients agree that the psychological agony of going through labor and giving birth to a dead infant would be too much for the mother to handle. Oh and for all of you females here in this posting thanks for being human and hateful instead of being a concerning friend that may offer some compassion…this is how you were raised and it’s sad to know how ignorant people are to one another… hopefully you can learn to have some compassion for another human being but one thing I learned in my 60 years of life is self-serving will get you nowhere except alone so good luck! Laura Colon wasn’t ignorant at all. I support the CHOICE. Reproductive freedom. Like the freedom that you had when you made your own decision. Whether a pregnant person wants to continue a pregnancy or not. Not mandatory incubation and forced birth based off of one person’s experience. Nice try to twist it, though. Trying to induce compassion from others isn’t going to work in your favor when you start your original comment with emotionally charged anti-choice rhetoric. It’s clear from all of your “haha” reacts on almost every pro-choice comment on this thread that you’re the farthest thing from a true pro-choicer believing women should maintain their bodily autonomy. It’s a pity. Internalized misogyny is a disease.


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