Sorry I’m late I saw a horse shirt

Sorry I’m late I saw a horse shirt



Fred Moore no, it seems the city passed a bill that prohibits discrimination for those who receive city contracts, the agency asked for an exemption based on religion and their religious right to not place children in LGBTQ homes, and the agency was denied the Sorry I’m late I saw a horse shirt. You can’t use tax money to fund any religion or religious discrimination. If you want to discriminate, fine, but do it with your own money. Or give up your tax-exempt status as a religious institution. Yes, Catholic services have been performing well for years and now they are not performing well when they refuse to give children good homes because of parents’ sexual orientation. A duty to die? You are suggesting that someone gets to decide when you are in too much pain to live. Though your post does make sense from a liberal logic standpoint. Disabilities mean you are a victim after all. It wasn’t just a quote. It was posted in context. Just because you post something with quotations and with no attribution, doesn’t make it just a free-floating quote. Disingenuous to say the least. These bans will make necessary abortions later in the pregnancy more difficult to access and will put the lives of those pregnant at risk. Of course, those who support these bills don’t care about those lives. Every form of birth control has a failure rate, some quite high. How about you mind your own business? American women have the right to make our own reproductive health decisions based on our own beliefs, our own values, and our own circumstances – not yours. You also have that right. The Right keeps talking about “freedom” – but there is no freedom when the government claims dominion over your body. Lies on your part, Stevo. Abortion isn’t legal anywhere up to birth for any reason. Though it should be. It’s a private medical decision. Caring for a newborn does not affect bodily autonomy. What a ridiculous claim. Your last sentence is a good argument for legal abortion.


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