Sorry for what I said when we were loading pigs shirt

Sorry for what I said when we were loading pigs shirt



Ita Tu Tesoro Martinez do you know for there to be inflated numbers to the degree you are talking about a conspiracy involving all the doctors, nurses, coders, coroners, county departments of health, state departments of health and every governor would have to be involved. I live in Ohio which reports positive cases and probable cases separately and my county tells us when a person moves from probable to confirm or taken out because the test was negative. This goes for all cases and all deaths due to Coronavirus. Jonathan Schlueter do you understand how many people will have to die in order for 99% of the population to be infected. Do you even get what that will do to the health care system in this country? And PS you are already a slave to the government. Now you are fighting their battle for them. If this becomes extreme measures will need to be taken. If people would just practice safe distancing skills and wearing a mask so many people could be spared. Maybe you are okay with dying and leaving your friends and family but some of us have a lot of life left to live. It’s a virus the only thing they can do until there is an effective treatment and vaccine is treated symptom to mitigate cell damage from the inflammatory response people are having. To do that they need to know all the Sorry for what I said when we were loading pigs shirt and damage that can be caused to find ways to mitigate. Why is this so hard to understand? Let’s say you didn’t get the cough but it is doing kidney damage or heart damage. Don’t you want to know you could be carrying and suffering from a major deadly virus and to seek treatment rather than write it off as a kidney infection or whatever else these symptoms could mimic? Cant help people if they don’t know the full extent of the damage being done. I’d rather know than walk around being blatantly ignorant.


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